New Brunswick Development Corporation (Devco) is a private, nonprofit urban real estate development organization created in the mid-1970s to initiate redevelopment projects and to serve as the vehicle for public and private economic development investment in the City of New Brunswick, the State of New Jersey and other New Jersey communities.

Fostering public-private partnerships and uniting the interests of New Brunswick, the State of New Jersey and corporate and institutional leadership are key to our success. Leveraging private, public, state, federal and local resources allows Devco to create high impact redevelopment projects.


Devco accomplishes it mission through the development of mixed-use projects seeking critical mass to address significant public policy challenges. With each redevelopment effort conceived and implemented Devco has achieved extraordinary success in reclaiming a quality urban lifestyle and setting a tempo that is characteristic of many of America’s great cities.

To learn more about Devco, visit us at http://www.devco.org.